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Brake Service
Brake service is more than just replacing the pads!


Brake service  is one of the most commonly done services by do-it-yourselfers (DIY), but it is probably the service which should be left to the professionals. Doing the job wrong can result in an auto which is not safe and on many models can result in great personal injury to the person performing the job.

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How we do a"Brake Job.
Scan tools are used as required to disable automatic brake systems. All tires are removed and inspected for wear and tear and damages. All brake lines and hoses are inspected for leakage or damage. Brake pads and or shoes are measured with a gauge, ( No guessing here!). Brake rotors and/or drums are inspected and measured. Only top quality pads and/ or shoes are used when replacement is necessary. The rotors, or discs, are re-surfaced on the car (see photo). Shims or worn parts are replaced. Brake fluid is replaced, (flushed) to restore it's anti-corrosion and anti-fade properties. Tires are installed, inflation pressure is corrected and lug bolts ar torqued in teh correct sequence. Automatic systems are enabled. Vehicle is road tested and brakes are "burnished in".
Why we use a Pro Cut Brake Lathe.
Many shops use off the car brake lathes to resurface your brake rotors. This method is a holdover from the days when most of the autos had drum brakes. Beginning in the 1960's autos started using disc brakes and today most have four wheel disc brakes. While disc brakes have many advantages, they have two "disc-advantages" when they are improperly repired. (1) they are noisy and  (2) they will vibrate or shake violently. All current manufacturers of autos require the use of an "on the car brake lathe". The reason is simple, when a mechanic separates the rotor from the auto he leaves the part that hold the rotor, (the spindle or hub) on the car. He then turns the rotor on a machine wihch in most cases is not well maintained or accurate. This process "builds in a wobble" which causes the noise and vibration. By using the Procut system, we ensure th rotors are rfinishied to the hub or spindle and that there is no wobble to cause: NOISE, VIBRATION or WEAR.