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Cooling System 
One of the most abused systems of the automobiles is the cooling system. It is expected to warm the interior of the car, cool the engine and provide trouble free service for the life of the vehicle. In fact, the only time most drivers think of the cooling system is when thy are: broken dow and pulled over on the side of the road or calling AAA for a much-needed tow to their Approved AAA Repair Shop. Many times this event results in expensive engine damage, cracked heads, blown head gaskets or in severe cases seized engines





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Scheduled Maintenance
While many manufacturers' have touted their "Lifetime Anti-Freeze", they now ar stressing the need for a regular maintained cooling system. Proper service isn't draining the radiator's coolant into the gutter, (it pollutes) and refilling it. Regular Maintenance requires having a complete engine, heater and radiator flush. A special chemical supplied by Valvoline is added to the coolant, then our specialized machine agitates the coolant mixture in the engine, heater core and radiator. This then removed 98% of the coolant and trash from the system. Now it replaces it with a 50-50 mixture of virgin antifreeze and purified water.  
Proper Cooling System Maintenance
We will pressure test your system, properly flush the system, inspect the fan belts and analyze the cooling fan operation. This process we recommend every 30,000 miles or every three years, which ever comes first. Only the proper type of antifreeze specified for your auto, mixed 50-50  with purified water, is used to ensure city water supplies do not throw off the ph balance. This process will allow your system to work at maximum capacity, reducing repair costs, and increasing the durability of your auto.