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Fuel System
One of the most common reasons for loss of fuel economy is a dirty fuel system.

Your vehicle's fuel system consists of the fuel tank, lines, pumps and filters. A clogged and dirty fuel system can also cause other major problem in your vehicle such as engine malfunction, hard starts and poor performance. Attending to your vehicle's fuel system with preventative maintenance can prolong the life of your vehicle and help prevent future vehicle failures.

Carriage Motor House, Inc offers a Fuel System Service that can clean and unclog the accumulated carbon deposits and other fuel residue left behind by the day to day use of your vehicle.   A clean fuel filter will improve fuel flow to the fuel pump helping to extend the life of the fuel pump. By having your fuel system serviced it can increase the fuel flow, improve airflow and enhance combustion. By servicing your fuel system your vehicle will benefit from cleaning, there by making your vehicle Road Ready with better fuel efficiency, reducing emissions and improving engine performance. 

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 Function of the Fuel System


One of the first indications of a failing fuel system is a check engine light. Hesitations, bogging or pauses on acceleration or also common symptoms. Avoid using over the counter remedies as most of them simply contain alcohol of which current fuel already have blended in.

The function of the fuel system is to store and supply fuel to the cylinder chamber where it is  burned to produce energy. The fuel which can be either gasoline or diesel is stored in the gas tank. A fuel pump draws the fuel from the tank through fuel lines and delivers it through a fuel filter to the fuel injectors.

When you fill your vehicle with gasoline it is stored in your fuel tank via the filler tube. Within the tank there is a sending unit that determines how much gas is in the fuel tank and then sends this information to your fuel gauge. There is also a fuel canister and various valves whose purpose is to store the vapors emitted and then allowing them to be burnt in the engine. Because of these,


this may cause liquid fuel to enter the canister and result in a very costly repair.


Fuel System Parts

The fuel system of your vehicle is a critical part of your vehicle. There are several components that make up the fuel system: fuel tank, fuel pump, fuel filter and fuel injectors. When any of these components become clogged or dirty it reduces the capability of your fuel system to perform properly and efficiently. Changing out your fuel filter and having the fuel injectors and carburetor checked periodically can help prevent future vehicle problems.