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Serving the Corona and Riverside area since 1970

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Don't fall prey to  "your shocks needs replacement" salesman!  Our expert suspension mechanics can service all types of suspensions. Proper suspension travel and performance are paramount to your cars safety. Why would you let a novice attempt repairs, repairs which if incorrectly done may endanger your life.
We are not a Dealer,  a big chain store, or a franchise, all of which have large overheads, which requires them to "sell" services. We prefer to provide "service" to our clients with only repairs required to ensure the safety of the automobile thus allowing for a more enjoyable ride.

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 Tell Tale Signs you may need Suspension Repair

There are multiple signs that can indicate you are in need of having your suspension repaired, here are just a few;
  • Springy or bouncey ride
  • Noisy ride
  • Vehicle rides low, and makes a "clunky noise" going over bumps
  •  Fluids leaking from struts or shocks
What is the difference between Struts and Shock 


Shocks and struts are intended to dampen spring bounce.  Without this dampening the car would bounce like a rubber ball, with a slowly diminishing pattern, this could cause the driver to lose control. Stops would be harder to manage and body roll would be unmanageable.


Shocks and struts both provide control of the suspension. They do not control the height of the auto. A shock is a separate unit from the suspension pieces. Struts include the lower spring seat and their upper point is the mounting point for the suspension. Struts eliminate the upper control arm and have the lower control arm attached to theme.


That’s why struts normally cost more to replace than a shock. Today’s cars usually have struts on the front but may have either struts or shocks on the rear.